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About John Hart

I was 15 or just 16 at the time. I had these business cards that read: JOHN SIGNS and the blank spot where I hand wrote the phone number of the pay phone at the gas station. My brother sent out the cards for printing, the center of the card was supposed to look like this:


John Fagiolo



You get the idea, my brother forgot to put my last name on the form, so the cards came back reading John Signs. I used them all day long, not wanting to waste the $9.00


I would write “call from 11:30 – 12:30” and sit in my car at Mr. D’s pay phone for an hour, every day, waiting for the phone to ring.  Sometimes a car would pull up and demand me to move and not hog the phone. Oh, the good old days before cell phones.

“HELLO…this is John Signs Co, may I help you?” It would be Kenny from Farmingdale Meats. Sometimes it would be PoolBoy Pools, or another bar in town wanting a paper sign. Painting a sign for $5.00 or $10.00 and going to school is tough, sometimes I had a couple of hundred dollars, sometimes not. People used to say “WOW, your last name is SIGNS and your in the sign business? 

This was the beginning of my art career. The only problem was I never got paid for the original designs, Only the actual sign work. That was the first part of my life. Now as I started up a tee shirt printing company, in South Florida, I was sure I wanted to create artwork, not only suitable for  printed tee shirt, but as a framed piece to be hung on a wall, for many to enjoy.

The journey begins:

John Hart